Hamlets Premiership Club

Be part of our Hamlets Premiership Club!

Each team has a value
Each member gets 20 million to spend.
You pick 5 teams, 1 striker and 1 Goalie. (The striker and goalie will break tiebreaks)

The value on each team is below for you to see…..

Pool A (value 10 million): Chelsea/Man City/Man Utd/Arsenal/Liverpool

Pool B (value 5 million): Tottenham/Everton/Southampton/Leicester/Bournemouth

Pool C (value 2 million): West Ham/West Brom/Stoke City/Crystal Palace/Swansea

Pool D (value 1 million): Burnley/Watford/Newcastle Utd/Brighton & Hove Albion/Huddersfield

Each winning team get’s 3 points, each draw 1 point. 
Each goalie and striker starting gets 1 point each
A clean sheet for the goalie gets 2 points extra
A hat trick by the striker gets 5 points extra

Prizes weekly for the winning member...
Pizza & a pint, burger & a pint or chicken wings and a pint each week

Be part of the fun! Grand prize at the end of the season (watch this space – its good!)

Sign up by Friday September 1st with your teams…