Enjoy all the sporting action, rugby, Premiership, Champions League at Hamlets. Voted one of the best top ten venues to watch the match

1. The Beast: New 85 inch HD TV with new upgraded Sky system for perfect picture quality. 7 indoor and outdoor screens in total for perfect viewing.

2. The Drinks: New group sharing drinks menu along with our great Craft Beers, Gin, Cocktail and Whiskey options plus our range of non alcoholic Beers, Ciders and Gins. We even have smoothies so you can actually get healthier while watching the game!!

3. Great Food:Casual dining menu with everything from Spanish fries to our famous chicken wings, our homemade burger and stonebaked Pizzas. Gluten free and Vegan options also available. Over the season we will be doing complimentary finger food for big games.

4. Our Premiership Loyalty Card: yes we love you so much we want to give you something back, a pint ! Yes a pint. So when you fill your Premiership loyalty card we give you a pint as a little way of saying thank you for your business and loyalty.

5. For Liverpool Fans only We have Liverpool TV and our secret Liverpool Garden ‘Anfield’

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